The Night Sky 40°-50° (Large) Star Finder by David S. Chandler

The Night Sky 40°-50° (Large) Star Finder

Book Title: The Night Sky 40°-50° (Large) Star Finder

Publisher: David Chandler Co.

ISBN: 0961320745

Author: David S. Chandler

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David S. Chandler with The Night Sky 40°-50° (Large) Star Finder

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The Night Sky is a rotating star finder- or planisphere that allows the user to recognize the constellations for any time of night, any day of the year. The sky appears to rotate (due to the rotation and orbital motion of the earth), so to be successful recognizing the constellations a beginner needs to know which stars are above the horizon at any time.

This is the full-sized version of The Night Sky suitable for the 40°-50° latitude zone (northern United States and parts of Europe). We have versions for the following latitude zones: 50°-60°, 40°-50°, 30°-40°, 20°-30°, and the Southern Hemisphere. We also have pocket-sized versions available for the same latitude zones.